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All Purpose Barbecue Rub

Hi everyone!


TJ here with our first official Chef’s Corner update!


For our first recipe I wanted to keep things really simple and have something that everyone could use right away if they wanted to do some barbecue this weekend. 


Our All Purpose Barbecue Rub is a great way to get serious flavor onto anything you throw on the grill.  The best thing to do with chicken, pork or beef is really rub it into your meat and let it sit for at least a few hours in your refrigerator before throwing it on the grill.  If you have some fish filets or a whole fish be a bit more delicate.


Take all the ingredients listed below and mix them really well in a big bowl and save any extra in an air tight Tupperware or jar.  Feel free to make a bigger batch than what you think you may need.  Any extra can be stored for a long time provided it isn’t excess rub from the meat. 


Grab a cold beverage and get grillin’!


1/2 cup

brown sugar

2 Tbsp

ground coriander seed

1/4 cup


2 Tbsp

mustard powder

2 Tbsp

onion powder

2 Tbsp

garlic powder

1 Tbsp

ground cumin seed

1 Tbsp


1 Tbsp

chili powder

2 tsp

ground black pepper

2 Tbsp

ground fennel seed

1 Tbsp

cocoa powder



TJ Cioletti

The Vintage Chef


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